I'm on a mission to stamp out the disempowerment caused by suffering with anxiety, depression and chronic stress. 

No one should feel trapped by their own negative emotions or be a prisoner in their own mind. 

It does NOT have to be that way... 

Believe me... 

I myself had long, hard struggles with my mental health, battled physical illnesses and suffered lots of other life challenges along the way.

For almost 30 years I felt crippled with anxiety and depression. 

Gripped by fear, panic attacks, crushingly low self-esteem, anger issues and zero self-confidence.

I was depressed nearly my whole adult life and felt held down and beaten by my own negative feelings on a daily basis... 

I seemed addicted to negative thinking. Like my own mind wanted me to just give up. Fail. 

My body was no better.  Diagnosed with ADHD, Fibromyalgia and stress-related illnesses that caused neurological and auto-immune issues...

I was overweight and had zero energy. 

I was boozing, a heavy smoker and was taking drugs to make myself feel better (both prescribed and illegal types!)

I thought that would make me feel better...It made it worse. 

See, I used to think that being vulnerable was a bad thing.

That if I showed anyone I was struggling, it would be a sign of weakness.

I used to bottle everything up, push it all down. But I would often explode in anger or other emotional outbursts.

Us guys aren't always great at opening up and talking about our "feelings"

But I tried it anyway. Spending countless hours in therapy and thousands of pounds to fix myself.

Because that's what we're supposed to do right?

Well, that didn't work for me either. In fact, it made it worse. I became more self-absorbed and spent even more time up in my own head as life passed by year by year...

So I went back to my old ways, living a rock n roll lifestyle (minus the fame!) Causing myself more problems, ruining relationships and generally being on a mission to self-destruct. 

I got really good at that! 

See, I was one of those guys that could use humour to distract, deflect and pretend that I was OK.

But, no matter what I tried, what I did, I couldn't hide it any longer.

It was exhausting. 

I had tried EVERYTHING...and was ready to give up on myself for good. 

Then I stumbled across an understanding that made me completely change the way I think. The way I looked at life.

And man, it CHANGED my life big time! 

I had the biggest mindset shift. Like an atomic bomb going off in my head and blowing away all the bullshit! All the stories I was telling myself about myself, my depression, my fears and all my INSECURITIES evaporated in that mushroom cloud when I learned this new understanding in the world of Psychology. 

It was so powerful. It transformed all areas of my life. Yet so simple! It made more sense than all the self-help books, techniques, therapy and everything else I'd ever tried. You don't need a doctorate to have this level of freedom and liberation from the prison of your own mind. 

I needed an insight about how thoughts really work and how the mind really operates... 

AND all it took to help me have a life-changing shift was a nudge in the right direction from someone who had this understanding already.

Sounds simple right?! 

It is.  

Now I help others do the same.  

By teaching my clients this new understanding in the world of Psychology about our human experience. 

And by offering coaching, support, mentorship and guidance every single step of the way

I am not some enlightened guru, a shouty drill instructor or an expert… 

In fact, YOU are the expert on all things related to YOU.  

It’s my job to help you see that..

...and also to show you that no-one is broken .Nothing needs fixing.  

I've worked in the education sector since 2002 and my calling is teaching and helping create long-lasting changes to make meaningful differences to the lives of my clients.  

I’m passionate about getting the best out of guys who want to make permanent , positive changes and feel that NOW is the time to do so whether it's addressing specific challenges, overcoming long-term struggles with their mental health, improving their physical fitness and diet...

...and helping individuals start living life to the full in mind, body and spirit!     

I live in Southampton, UK with my wife Jen and our cat (the resident princess) Maya. I love heavy music. Metal and Hardcore, Muay Thai Kick Boxing and drinking waaaay too much coffee!  I've also been a professional musician, a metal guitarist and teacher for over 25 years now. 

That's enough about me... If you're struggling, feeling lonely and lost, disconnected, like I was but you're 100% ready to put all that behind you, get in touch because you and I working together will be the beginning of the transformation you need to be free of that negativity once and for all and start living YOUR LIFE. YOUR WAY