Just Do Nothing:  

Have you ever spent 3 whole days sitting there uncomfortably bored on purpose ? 

I have. 


I was told to. 

And I’d PAID to. 

Lemme explain… 

One of my mentors, who I had followed online for sometime , opened up some spaces on his in-person training program. 

It would consist of some online content, 6 days away training, weekly Zoom calls and the occasional 1-2-1 coaching call. 

All in, It cost me 8 grand. 

When he told me the price, I gulped a bit, got the card details ready and ponied up. 

The online…

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There's Value in Vulnerability  

Going for the vulnerability jugular on this one! 

I've had some amazing, heartfelt chats and some life-changing deep conversations and I know that a lot of us have had similar struggles. 

Being creative, having a business, feeling pressured, juggling many things in life and suffering (usually in silence) at the same time is bloody hard work. 

This morning I was going over the copy for a fellow coach's “about me” section on his website. 

He’d asked for some feedback and I was honoured and happy to help! 


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Doing the "work" : Why I choose coaching over counselling.  


I used to think there was no such thing as “happy ever after” 

Not just in a relationship sense, but life in general. 

I realise now that I was selling myself, and others, short with this thinking. 

And I'd be doing clients a massive disservice as a people-helper. 

So I became a change-maker instead. 

I help people realise our strength to make these changes is INNATE. 

It’s not forged through adversity or coping with your struggles or learning to simply deal with daily dramas 

It’s about learning you have

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Has this ever happened to you?  

Did you know, every feeling can change your biochemistry!? 

I’ll give you a relevant and very recent example. 

Yesterday, I went to the funeral of a mates Mum. It was a small gathering and, while we were stood in this waiting room , my buddy took me over to his Dad so I could pay my respects and say hi. 

As he was re-introducing me to his Dad, who I’d not seen for a long time, he started to explain who I was so his Dad would remember me and I suddenly had a very visible, physical reaction! 

See, for some…

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On a Mission  

Like the majority of blokes struggling with Anxiety, I used to feel lonely, lost and disconnected from the human race and reality. 

BUT, unlike some people who just accept “that’s just how I am and I have to live with it” I absolutely refused to. I hate being labeled and wasn’t giving up without a fight! 

I’d suffered for years (Decades!) and spent a ton of money try to figure out how to be free from fear …and FAST! 

I’d spent thousands on therapy, counseling and every method out there as well as investing…

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Expertise or Experience?  

When I started playing guitar (many moons ago!) I remember my parents sent me to the local teacher… 

Well, it was convenient as he lived just down the road and was cheap…BUT he wasn’t too interested in what I wanted to learn… Plus I was about 14 at the time with the attention span of goldfish. 

So eventually we splurged a bit more money on weekly lessons with a guy who was kinda considered the Guitar GURU of the whole county! 

Now this guy could REALLY play! He was flashy and fast AF! Playing all the speedy…

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Don't pick up poo... 

Think of negative thoughts as poo floating into your “thought stream” 

Eventually it’ll just float on by...BUT only if you let it. 

Do NOT pick up the poo. Do not sniff the poo. And DEFINITELY do not pull the poo apart and start analysing it. 

Do you regularly analyse your negative thoughts?! 

All thoughts are neutral. And they all float on by eventually. It’s when we start giving meaning and emotions to our shitty thoughts that they suddenly become very real...(and inspecting them gets very messy! ) 


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Remember that app from last year? 


Faceapp? The one that made you look 20 years older? 

I’ve posted at the time but I wanna say again.... 

I totally look like a old BAMF right here haha! 

Seriously though. I don’t wanna look back in 20 years and regret all those thing I DIDN’T do... 

Because of possible embarrassment, fear or potential FAILURE! 

Fuck that... 

Whatever you’re putting off...don’t. 

Life is short. 

Get unstuck...TODAY! 

Imagine yourself in 20 years time... 

What will life look like for you if you don’t take action NOW?!

Protect yourself at all times. Let’s have a good, clean fight.  

Life is a contact sport..and sometimes feels like a COMBAT sport! 

One great bit of wisdom passed to me was this: 

“Anything you’re doing in life that you’re passionate about and that you care about and is worth doing well will be difficult at times… 

Going into any potentially stressful situations, whether it’s work, our own businesses, those difficult relationships or sometimes just day to day dealings with people can feel like steeping into a boxing ring or cage…sometimes it’ll go your way and people…

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“To forget is to forgive”  

I thought I’d heard that wrong the first time... 

I thought it was “to forget is to forgive” 

It’s much easier than you think... 

You can’t stop thoughts popping into your head about that person, what they did, what they said... 

But you CAN choose to forget. Let it go. Don’t dwell on those thoughts and give any power over you. 

You’re the only one suffering by continuing that internal tug of war. 

That person that wronged you has probably moved on long ago. 

Life’s too fucking short. Let it go. You don’t…

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