Don't think - DO.

10 years ago, I made the decision to quit my full-time, well-paying, safe and secure job to go it alone as a guitar teacher. 

Almost 3 years ago I was the same when I started coaching…. 

Truth is, I had been putting off making that jump for many years. 

Scared of the unknown. Lacking confidence and self-belief. 

Sitting on it just leads to more doubting and fears. 

Fuck waiting around for some kind of inspiration or someone else to motivate you…that’s bullshit. 

SELF confidence and SELF esteem come from within. That’s why they’re called SELF, not “other-people confidence” or “other-people esteem” 

I learned the hard way that the confidence and courage to do great things, to have what you want in life and be whatever you wanna be comes from taking actions. The bigger (and scarier) the better! 

I wrestled with a lot of my own self-doubt demons and conquered them by not listening to that inner critic, by putting one foot in front of the other and saying to myself “Just Do It” 

Sometimes we need help with taking action, or, because we don’t even know what the first step is, it can add to the lack of confidence and self-belief. We may need help discovering what it is we truly want to have or be or do. 

But, NOTHING ever comes from saying “One day, I’ll do it,” or “maybe later” or “mmm, someday…” or “I’ll do that later” 

They’re all excuses. 

Life’s way too short for “somedays” 

Whatever it is you’re after… 

Take action. 

Just do it.

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