It's never too early to have hope.

Just after I get done writing this, I'm gonna help put up our Christmas decorations. 

Is it too early? 

I don’t reckon. 

I went for a late run a couple of weeks ago and it was dark. 

I saw 5-6 houses that had Christmas lights up already. 

Christmas lights… 

… On the 15th of 


I know shops have had theirs up for ages. 

But most people I know don’t do their decs until the first week of December. 

At first, I thought that was bonkers. 

Then I realised - 

Christmas signifies hope for a lot of people. 

And is a time of year where we have our own routines and rituals that make us feel safe. Warm inside. 

Family. Tradition. Eating, drinking and being merry. 

It draws a line under the year. (…and what a year 2020 has been…but I won’t go there! Anyway. New Year is a fresh start. ) 

That familiarity makes us feel good. 

It’s not surprising that people are craving the comfort of Christmas earlier than usual. 

I’m usually a right grump at Christmas. A bit of a Scrooge. 

But this year, even a cynical old git like me, will be partaking in presents and drinking weird and wonderful Christmas concoctions! 

So even though I’m not a big fan of Christmas… 

I’m a HUGE fan of helping others feel good! 

…and that makes ME feel good! 

Hence why I’m actually going to help decorate and get into the festive mood this year… 

and of course be there for anyone who needs support. 

Is there someone YOU can give hope to? 

Is there someone you know that appreciates that you’ve got them? 

Hope is one of the best gifts you can give someone right? 

Even if you’re not exactly feeling it this year, have hope and share the love! 

Best Wishes and a (early) Happy Christmas to you and yours! 


P.S Normal service will be resumed soon. No more soppy emails haha. 

New Year, I’ll have spaces for 1-2-1 coaching. If you want to the best possible start to 2021 and drop those demons of Christmas past, get in touch. I’ve got your back!

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