On a Mission

Like the majority of blokes struggling with Anxiety, I used to feel lonely, lost and disconnected from the human race and reality. 

BUT, unlike some people who just accept “that’s just how I am and I have to live with it” I absolutely refused to. I hate being labeled and wasn’t giving up without a fight! 

I’d suffered for years (Decades!) and spent a ton of money try to figure out how to be free from fear …and FAST! 

I’d spent thousands on therapy, counseling and every method out there as well as investing in self-help books, online courses… 

Was the actual problem ME I thought?! 

Because nothing seemed to be working and it was getting expensive and embarrassing. 

One painful dead-end after another. 

I’ll admit, I was just about done with searching. It was exhausting and I was giving up hope. But then “something” happened. 

Probably due to some clever algorithms rather than a “miracle” but I stumbled across a video online talking about a new way of thinking about thinking… 

It hit me…hard. 

I realized the reasons why all the other stuff I’d tried hadn’t worked. They were innocently making things more complicated, slower and way more painful than it needed to be!!! 

On the flipside, this new approach made it simple, quicker and painless. 

And that’s when everything changed… 

I loved how, even though this new approach was almost the total opposite of everything I’d tried, bought ,seen, read and experienced…it worked. That appealed even more to my ever so slightly rebellious nature! 

Not only do I feel free from Anxiety, it has also affected other areas of my life in lots of other positive ways too. 

I now know that what I was struggling with wasn’t just the symptoms of Anxiety but a misunderstanding. Once I learned what that was, I was free from it. 

Suddenly I felt calmer with a clearer mind and connected once again. 

My partner said how different I was. Friends and family noticed it too. 

Because this counter-intuitive, unconventional and refreshing new approach had such a huge impact on me… 

I’m on a mission to bring it to anyone who needs it.  

Thank you for reading all of this! AND, I just wanted to say this: 

You’re not broken or need fixing or any of those things you tell yourself. 

Do not blame yourself for your struggle. 

Dare to fail and HAVE HOPE. 

You will get there! Never give up. 

Big Love. 


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