What does your Time Machine look like? 

Y’know the one? It’s a built in part of that 600 billion dollar computer you’ve got between your ears (and, as my friend Simon says - “no one gave you the manual for it!”) 

This time machine doesn’t use plutonium though, it runs off of Free Will. A gift we can use as fuel to time travel in our minds to a scary future of 

pain, loss, suffering, financial ruin or even death... 

Or we jump back in time to relive those painful memories and experiences. 

The truth is...neither is real. The past and future do not exist. 

The root cause of your “problem” is not in your past. 

Your concerns of the future are fiction. 

The only reason these things feel real and that we think they must be true is because we invest so much time and energy into those thoughts that we have created a reality that contains all our made up beliefs about ourselves... 

..and it’s so hard to let go of all that shit you’ve spent weeks,months, years or even DECADES thinking about. 

So you can choose to spend the present moment sat in your time machine or... 

Learn how to live in the now. 

Because that’s all we really have.

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