Expertise or Experience? 

When I started playing guitar (many moons ago!) I remember my parents sent me to the local teacher… 

Well, it was convenient as he lived just down the road and was cheap…BUT he wasn’t too interested in what I wanted to learn… Plus I was about 14 at the time with the attention span of goldfish. 

So eventually we splurged a bit more money on weekly lessons with a guy who was kinda considered the Guitar GURU of the whole county! 

Now this guy could REALLY play! He was flashy and fast AF! Playing all the speedy licks and tricks…my poor uncoordinated fingers could barely keep up with all the shred stuff I was learning week in week out! 

HE was the expert. So…It must be ME just not getting it. 

I spent a small fortune and travelled for hours a week to get lessons…Throwing more time and money at it didn’t make me a better player unfortunately. 

Years later I realised he hadn’t once asked me ONCE what exactly it was I wanted to learn and what my challenges were and what I wanted to get out of lessons with him. 

Problem was, I just assumed because he was such a great player, he was the best teacher… 


What is it that YOU want to get out of working with the “expert” with the guru?! 

Don’t assume because someone is qualified to teach that they can! Because this guy could teach pretty much every musical style going…But he couldn’t teach ME - the kid sat in front of him- because he never took the time to ask what it was I wanted to do. 

Eventually I took lessons with someone who got ME, where I was coming from and the styles I wanted to learn… 

My question to you today is: 

What matters more to you when you’re looking for help? Expertise or Experience? 

Because I don’t think they’re the same… 

I do not consider myself an ‘expert” in psychology or anything like that. I’m no guru that’s for sure! 

But, I consider myself highly experienced when it comes to going through anxiety and depression and coming out the other side. 

And now… 

I help other blokes do the same using the exact same method I learned. 

Because one thing I’ve learned and now live by is this… 

everyone is their OWN expert. 

You know more about you than anybody else.

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