Has this ever happened to you? 

Did you know, every feeling can change your biochemistry!? 

I’ll give you a relevant and very recent example. 

Yesterday, I went to the funeral of a mates Mum. It was a small gathering and, while we were stood in this waiting room , my buddy took me over to his Dad so I could pay my respects and say hi. 

As he was re-introducing me to his Dad, who I’d not seen for a long time, he started to explain who I was so his Dad would remember me and I suddenly had a very visible, physical reaction! 

See, for some unknown reason…I thought my good mate was about to tell an old, embarrassing story about me to his Dad, in front of all these other people (There’s a lot of those stories by the way!) 

So I had a THOUGHT that led to a FEELING that produced adrenaline…my heart started to pump faster, my blood pressure rose and changed the colour of my boat race to that of a beef tomato!!!! 

A random, kind of embarrassing, thought bubbled up, made me FEEL a certain  way and that caused a physiological, chemical reaction. 

I’m sure something similar has happened to you too right? It’s a pretty common thing. Whether you’ve said, or done something and immediately wanted the ground to open and swallow you up, or you’ve responded physically to a random thought of impending humiliation like me, all of us have feelings that feel so intense that they cause us to blush or… 

feel sick, 



short of breath, 

Need to use the toilet! 

Or nicer sensations like: 

become aroused, (sexually or otherwise!) 

Feel butterflies (the lovey kind in your tummy…but notice how that can feel similar to anxiety too right!? Mmmmm interesting) 


Thoughts change our biochemistry. 

If you have “negative” thoughts you will feel certain sensations. 

If you have “nicer” thoughts, again you’ll literally feel nicer sensations. 

Notice also how some of these so-called good and bad thoughts and feelings also create very similar sensations ( e.g.  butterflies in the tummy feel the same but can come from 2 very different feeling states. Love or Fear) 

Think about it. If you can affect your own biochemistry with your imagination…if we can raise our blood pressure with a random thought popping in and, if we can make ourselves FEEL anxious and fearful with our own thinking… 

It makes sense that you can also lower your blood pressure with thought. You can make yourself less stressed by not over-thinking. You can make yourself FEEL better by changing your thinking. 

Sound simple. 

It is. 


Not straight away. But, over time and with consistency and practice,  it certainly can be! 

Something to ponder… 


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