How Fast Is YOUR Thinking?

I really like talking Cars. Motors. Rides. Whips. Whatever you call wanna call em.  

And… I love using motoring metaphors, driving analogies and tales of travelling to help people understand the nature of thought and how it affects their lives.  

Even if you don’t drive, I want you to imagine you have your dream car. What is it?  

Ok, let’s pretend that your shiny new super car is your Mind. 

Try and calibrate how fast your car (mind) is going?  

What is the speed of your thinking right now? 

What does your speedometer say?  

I’ve used this analogy countless times with clients and it came up again in a conversation during a group session earlier today too.  

Their answers ranged from 15mph to a staggering 170mph! 

If the mind is operating at 100-150 mph: 

Your thoughts will be RACING!  

You’ll feel busy with no time to take care of yourself. 

You’ll constantly feel like you need breaks, holidays, rest-stops because you’re knackered all the time! 

You may resort to booze, smoking, drugs, addictions of all sorts to try and balance yourself out. 

Then there are folks who are at their Top Speed. Flat out. Redlining.  

No reaction time.  

They’re heading for burnout or a breakdown. 

The engine warning lights are on.  

Tyres smoking.  

If they hit the brakes at that speed...well…. 

Whether they’re driving a Porsche or a Peugeot…Doesn’t matter…they’ll be struggling to hold it together and keep it on the road.  

Their car is shaking and snaking all over the road. 

About to crash.  

Constant stress.  


Mental Illness.  

Deep depressions.  

Lack of sleep.  

Just living in a horrible feeling 24/7.  

I teach my clients that just because their minds CAN do 100+mph…just because your car (mind) is capable of 170mph, doesn’t mean you should drive that fast! (illegal on UK roads anyway unfortunately haha!) 

It’s just not sustainable.  

It has all sorts of negative impacts on our mental and physical health.  

When you take your foot off the throttle and learn to relax, 

your thoughts will start to settle. 

You’ll have clearer communication with others. 

You’ll have more capacity. 

You’ll have more clarity. 

More confidence in your abilities.  

More control.  

You won’t need booze, drugs or as many breaks anymore. 

What if your mind could just cruise at 30mph? 

The fuel in your car (mind) would be consumed at a lower rate. 

You’d enjoy the view. Be nice and relaxed. Chilled.  

You’d be able to slow to a stop safely. 

Your reaction times would be improved.  

You can drive and drive and drive on and on. Not getting tired. Not needing to pull over to rest so often. 

How would that feel? What would that be like? Lovely right?!  

You know how some cars have speed limiters? 

Set yours to a slower speed right now and do not tolerate travelling faster than that. 

Sounds simple? 

It is. 

Make a decision today. 

If you are tolerating it and maybe you’re living with anxiety, not even noticing how fast your car (your mind) is going until you read this, just know that you do not need the stress.

You’ll be a lot happier and healthier without it!  

It’s so important to try and get that thinking speed down for a calmer ride that we can actually enjoy. 

Drive Safe! 

Jimmy x 

P.S if you’ve enjoyed my many motoring puns and can endure some more, then you can download this video. It’s free and from the session I mentioned earlier.  

P.P.S If you don’t want to tolerate a busy mind, tons of overthinking, and racing thoughts any more, and would like to be taken on a nice drive as one of my passengers…then get in touch today and I’ll show you how to slow it down.

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