Just Do Nothing:

Have you ever spent 3 whole days sitting there uncomfortably bored on purpose ? 

I have. 


I was told to. 

And I’d PAID to. 

Lemme explain… 

One of my mentors, who I had followed online for sometime , opened up some spaces on his in-person training program. 

It would consist of some online content, 6 days away training, weekly Zoom calls and the occasional 1-2-1 coaching call. 

All in, It cost me 8 grand. 

When he told me the price, I gulped a bit, got the card details ready and ponied up. 

The online content was cool. The Zoom calls are useful. The 1-2-1 calls are EXTREEEEEMELY helpful too. 

But, being made to sit the fuck down and shut the fuck up for 3 days… 


I KNEW it would work. 

On one of these away days, whilst struggling with my ADHD brain, sitting there uncomfortably with myself… 

I had a MASSIVE shift in mindset. 

I went calm, quiet, still. 

I remembered the true nature of our minds and how it was only thoughts that are creating my experience. 

I was left in a beautiful feeling. 

All the stress of trying to figure things out…evaporated. 

Because all that THINKING had been taken away. 

It was not on the table. 

I just had to do ABSOLUTELY NOTHING. 

See, years ago, my biggest problem was the most common of all…. 


I had so many mental and physical symptoms from it. 

Chronic stress, anxiety, depression etc 

I tried everything and it was exhausting. 

Long story short I was studying something else and I came across a new understanding in Psychology that caused me to have a massive mindset shift 

(you can read more of my story here if you want) 

It changed my life in so many ways, in so many areas and was so powerful… 

Yet so very simple. 

I felt liberated from the prison I’d created in my own mind… 

Now to some people, 8k’s a LOT of money to effectively be told… 

“Don’t try and work it out, just sit still with your feelings…” 

But not to me. 

I’d have paid more. 

It’s had a great impact on my personal life, my coaching work, my overall health… 

And back before all of this… 

…when I was REALLY struggling and suffering 

And If someone said “how much would you pay to make this go away?” 

I’d have paid a lot more than 8 grand I tell you! 

I hear people stress about how much stuff costs… 

BUT all too often that stress just comes from our own insecurities about not being able to actually do what we’re paying for. 

Sometimes you don’t need to DO anything! 

But you do need to take that initial leap of faith, put your thinking mind to one side and get involved. 

Because insecurity is just a thought. You can change that. 

And whatever time and money you decide to invest in changing, it will pay you back MANY times over. 

This is a video that really helped me understand that and is worth watching from start to finish when you can make time to just sit and also…do nothing! 



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