Protect yourself at all times. Let’s have a good, clean fight. 

Life is a contact sport..and sometimes feels like a COMBAT sport! 

One great bit of wisdom passed to me was this: 

“Anything you’re doing in life that you’re passionate about and that you care about and is worth doing well will be difficult at times… 

Going into any potentially stressful situations, whether it’s work, our own businesses, those difficult relationships or sometimes just day to day dealings with people can feel like steeping into a boxing ring or cage…sometimes it’ll go your way and people will love you. Other times you’ll lose and you’ll feel dejected, embarrassed and defeated. 

Either way… you ARE gonna get punched in the face!” 

(not literally….probably!) 

I treat these life situations like a video game… 

My “health bar” starts at 100…throughout the experience, it’s going to go down. The best I can hope for sometimes is that I don’t get too badly “injured” 

Success sometimes can be not getting hit too many times. 

Success can be avoiding failures altogether 

A win is a win. 

Being healthy is sometimes just about preventing injuries and illness. 

Having money is about not spending all the time just as much as making it. 

Being at peace isn’t about being enlightened! it is also about letting it go. Bullshit, drama arguments etc and NOT engaging in it. 

Being happy is about deciding NOT to engage in those negative thoughts that are making yourself feel shit and sad somedays. 

You’re going to take hard knocks now and again. That’s the nature of life I’m afraid! 

Life’s about the balance of great defence and offence. 

Sometimes you need patience. 

Sometimes you need to take action. 

But you’ll need a clear head to decide when’s the right time to make that choice. 

Know this...


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