There's Value in Vulnerability

Going for the vulnerability jugular on this one! 

I've had some amazing, heartfelt chats and some life-changing deep conversations and I know that a lot of us have had similar struggles. 

Being creative, having a business, feeling pressured, juggling many things in life and suffering (usually in silence) at the same time is bloody hard work. 

This morning I was going over the copy for a fellow coach's “about me” section on his website. 

He’d asked for some feedback and I was honoured and happy to help! 

I was blown away with what he was sharing and I knew that his story would help inspire others. 

The vulnerability poured off the page. 

He talked about seeing vulnerability as a strength. 

Not a weakness! 

So much so, it made me want to have a quick re-tweak of my own page 

(You can check it out on the website link…my whole site is a constant work in progress to be honest!) 

Anyway, it got me thinking. 

It’s valuable to be vulnerable. 

It’s our “weaknesses” and our “weirdness” (unique-ness if you like) that makes us an asset. 

Not just in coaching , but in any job. Any walk of life. 

It makes you who THINK you are. 

Why not embrace that “crazy” side and stand out from the crowd even more! 

Fuck what other people think….you do YOU! 

See, feeling like you have to "fit in"  is the real problem. 

Back when we lived in tribes, that constant comparison would keep you safe. 

If you DIDN’T stand out (or speak out) , you’d probably stay alive! 

BUT we don’t need to do that anymore. 

We need people to stand up and speak out about their experiences. 

Share their inspiring stories. 

Show compassion. Understanding. Empathy. 

Comparing ourselves to others is NOW one of the worst things we can do. 

Which happens all the time on platforms like this. 

We compare ourselves (usually when sat there feeling our worst) to how others are (usually looking their best!) 


The irony isn’t lost that I’m using social media to communicate this to some of of you 

(1 thing I encourage clients to do is to look at their own use of it and see if where can have less scroll time) 

And socials themselves aren’t the real problem. 

It’s what we THINK others will think of us. 

That’s the problem. 


Stop staying small and silent. 

Stand up and stand out!

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