An Open Letter to My Former Self (Part 1)

I wrote to myself last year. Addressed to the old me... on a cold January morning in 2015.

A time when I was at an all time low. 

My new years resolution? I was ready to quit…everything. 

I’d basically stopped…

Isn’t January the WORST time to start something? 

I’ll be honest… 

January is my worst time of year. 

The cold makes my bones ache. 

The darkness drains me. 

My energy levels drop. 

My mind time travels back to a year when I was at my lowest-ever point in…


One metaphor I use with clients is that our inner world is like the inside of a snow globe. 

A picture perfect, peaceful scene to begin with until it gets shaken up and then all this snow (bit of white…


Always the hard way…How discomfort builds resilience.

I used to think that what I wanted in life more than anything was security. 


For most of my life , I used to crave comfort. Not realising the downside… 

That once I was comfortable, I would become complacent. 


Just Do Nothing:

Have you ever spent 3 whole days sitting there uncomfortably bored on purpose ? 

I have. 


I was told to. 

And I’d PAID to. 

Lemme explain… 

One of my mentors, who I had followed online for sometime , opened…


There's Value in Vulnerability

Going for the vulnerability jugular on this one! 

I've had some amazing, heartfelt chats and some life-changing deep conversations and I know that a lot of us have had similar struggles. 

Being creative, having a business, feeling pressured, juggling many…

Has this ever happened to you? 

Did you know, every feeling can change your biochemistry!? 

I’ll give you a relevant and very recent example. 

Yesterday, I went to the funeral of a mates Mum. It was a small gathering and, while we were stood in this…

Expertise or Experience? 

When I started playing guitar (many moons ago!) I remember my parents sent me to the local teacher… 

Well, it was convenient as he lived just down the road and was cheap…BUT he wasn’t too interested in what I wanted…

Don't pick up poo...

Think of negative thoughts as poo floating into your “thought stream” 

Eventually it’ll just float on by...BUT only if you let it. 

Do NOT pick up the poo. Do not sniff the poo. And DEFINITELY do not pull the poo…

Remember that app from last year?


Faceapp? The one that made you look 20 years older? 

I’ve posted at the time but I wanna say again.... 

I totally look like a old BAMF right here haha! 

Seriously though. I don’t wanna look back in 20 years…