How helpful is your habitual overthinking!? 

Not that helpful if I had to guess. 

In fact, overthinking and being locked in negative thought patterns are about as much use to you as a glass hammer. 

Or an inflatable dartboard... 

Chocolate fireguard! 

(Whatever’s your best “as useful…

Don't think - DO.

10 years ago, I made the decision to quit my full-time, well-paying, safe and secure job to go it alone as a guitar teacher. 

Almost 3 years ago I was the same when I started coaching…. 

Truth is, I had…

How many thoughts do you think you have every day? 

Over the years when I’ve asked clients this question, their answers have ranged from 15 (!?) to a few hundred. 

Not. Even. Close. 

Your “normal” person has 60-90,000. 


Now, if someone is super- stressed, over-thinking, anxious or depressed, well……


It's never too early to have hope.

Just after I get done writing this, I'm gonna help put up our Christmas decorations. 

Is it too early? 

I don’t reckon. 

I went for a late run a couple of weeks ago and it was dark. 

I saw 5-6…

How Fast Is YOUR Thinking?

I really like talking Cars. Motors. Rides. Whips. Whatever you call wanna call em.  

And… I love using motoring metaphors, driving analogies and tales of travelling to help people understand the nature of thought and how it affects their lives.